Into the Light -     Accompanying Souls As They Transition
                Welcome Into the Light!

Into the Light! is your personal portal and reliable resource for nurturing spiritual and emotional  support for you and your loved ones, especially during these times of great transition and transformation.
Eliahu Goodman              
Hello. I am an Accompanier of Souls.     I offer spiritual and emotional guidance and support to you and your loved ones when you or they are about to venture through death's veil in your transitional journey from this life to your next one.     I am available as a Soul Accompanier to caringly accompany and guide you through death's veil when you are nearing departure from this life, through the Veil and into the Light, en-route to your next life. 

I also offer counseling, forgiveness and reconciliation assistance and support to loved ones whose beloveds are setting forth on their journey Home to Source.  
Your inquiries are welcome, and I will caringly support you during your sacred journeys’ transitions and transformations, especially before and when you or they are en-route to your next life after life.  Please phone me at 831.247.9167, or e-mail 
In serenity, joy and peace,
An accomplished Accompanier of Souls Into the Light,  I offer you caring assistance with your life reviews about what you have accomplished, and what remains to be done, mourned, and also celebrated.  Helping  you prepare for your transitional journey, I personally accompany your soul  through Death's Veil and Into the Light en-route to  
                                         your next place of joyful Life.

I also offer counseling, forgiveness and reconciliation assistance to you and to  loved ones whose beloveds are about to set forth on their journey Home to Source,
and I provide support for releasing and letting go of binding attachments that have been in the way of doing what's needed, in flow with your Life.

Please call me at 831.247.9167, or e-mail me.  Thank you.

May all your Journeys be a blessing,
Eliahu Goodman

"Eliahu, in my most recent Quantum Breath Rebirthing session with you, I accessed past life memories of a spiritual experience with a close friend who had passed away just hours before our session. Your intuition and guidance were key to my recall.  Remembering helped me understand the depth of my relationship with my friend, and your work empowered me to help her begin her journey into higher realms of love & light." CK (CA)